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Crafting- An Addiction?

So when are rooms in your house littered with craft supplies, too many rooms filled with craft supplies? If you asked Justin, he’d tell you that right now there are too many rooms littered with crafts.

I tried to prove he was wrong. “No, it’s just the basement and the guest room. I cleaned up the kitchen.”

“What about Lydia’s hallway?” he asked.

Shoot. He’d caught me. I’d placed a small sign in the hallway near the fan. (We keep a fan on for white noise.)

He doesn’t give me too much grief … yet. However, I somehow feel that my ideas/plans are slowly taking over everything else. As soon as Lydia is in bed: gotta get my glue gun warmed up, cut that fabric and paint the signs! Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it and it doesn’t feel like a chore, but I think it might be slowly becoming an addiction.

I was talking to another “crafter” recently, who told me that pretty soon I’ll be dreaming of crafts. I don’t doubt it, there are even times during the day that I’ll find myself sketching something out, and I can’t wait to finish it.

I suppose there are way worse things that I could fill my time with, creating could never be bad and it puts me in a great mood.

You never know where your creativity will take you, who it will make happy and how much room it might eventually take over … you’ll handle that … I think I am.

I have one more craft show this season and I started up an etsy shop: RuralMommysWreaths! I’m excited to be creating things that I love and sharing them with others. Lydia enjoys painting with me, and unfortunately shopping with me.

I am inspired by other crafters that I meet and I’m thankful for support from friends and family. Sometimes you might feel like giving up, as if what you’re doing is foolish or there isn’t a point, but remember that you’ll never succeed if you stop trying. If something brings you joy, never lose it.

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