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Make Your Own Wreath

When I made my first wreath last summer, I didn’t know where to start. I knew what I wanted to do and I’d made a lot of “pins” on Pinterest to get ideas. The next step was clearly finding out how to do it.

My first wreath was simply a tie-rag wreath. It sounds simple enough and the techniques are far from difficult, but it is time consuming and if you’re not careful when buying fabric, it can be expensive. After I made my rag wreath, I wanted to try a burlap wreath, a much more difficult endeavor, but I was happy with my result. Then finally I branched out into deco wreaths. You’ll will or may already have your own style, but I’m including videos below to help you make your wreaths.20161205_061848

Several months later, I’ve made more than 20 wreaths in about two months. As mentioned in last week’s post, it’s become a bit of an obsession. I love “pinning” new wreath ideas. I love making wreaths with my friends and sharing them or selling them to people who admire what I’m doing. It’s really been a blessing that I didn’t expect to find.

Three videos you might find helpful are:

Tie Wreath

*I cut all of my fabric, in the video, the lady will rip her fabric.

Burlap Wreath

Art Deco Wreath

Tips I’d suggest before starting:

  1. Know what materials you’ll need and price them. Find out where you can get a good deal. Walmart’s prices are pretty low, but if you plan on making a few, then you might want to buy your wire forms in bulk. I like ordering from Amazon, but hobby lobby, Joann’s and Michael’s are great too. I live in the middle of nowhere, so my choices are limited ❤
  2. Three and a half yards of fabric should be enough to make an 18″ wreath. This means you need to think about cost again. You’ll also want to think about colors and prints.
  3. Some fabrics make look so pretty on that bolt, but once they are cut up, you will lose some of the character, so choose wisely. I love fabric that has color on both sides, it tends to look better on your wreath.
  4. Add an accent. I made a burlap/patriotic tie wreath and no one purchased, despite my belief that it was beautiful! So, I painted up a few wooden stars and then added them to my wreath: sold it at my next show in about an hour! It’s amazing what an extra detail can do. So think about that when you make your wreath. Add a bow, add a ribbon, maybe a little decoration. It will add something special.
  5. Burlap wreaths need to be secured with floral wire or pipe cleaners if you like. You’d hate to see all of your hard work fall apart, and if you were giving it for a gift, you wouldn’t want someone’s gift to come to pieces.

20161206_062415Don’t be afraid to try this craft! The end results will make you smile and you’ll feel great about what you’ve created. However, if you don’t feel like making one, then feel free to check out my etsy shop RuralMommysWreaths or my FB page: Rural Mommy’s Wreaths.

Feel free to add a tip in the comments below or share your experience with making a wreath! Happy Wreathing!

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