Christmas Cheer: Giving my Workouts the Blues

So a few weeks ago I noticed I was reaching for my wine glass a bit more than those dumbbells. Justin and I have been kicking back when Lydia goes to bed, watching Party Down on Starz (got a free month through Prime), snacking (badly) and enjoying staying cuddled-up indoors. Oh yeah, and then there’s been the wine. white-male-1734379_640.jpg

Trouble is, those bad habits are adding up! I told my accountability group that I was planning breaking until after Christmas, but then I just end up feeling guilty. Not when I eat my snacks. Not when I fill our glasses, nope. It’s the next morning … when my body, from reflex at this point, wakes up around four and says: You should get up! But my tired butt thinks: nope.

Then something happened: Facebook decided to post a video: My 2016 in review. Of course, the first pic was my “before” picture. lol. That put things  into perspective. Did I look awful? Nope. Do I look better now? Yep. So that was it. I set my alarm clock. I switched over to my new favorite non-alcoholic drink: Sam’s Club: Fuji Apple water, and I kept my fingers busy crocheting (because I’m rapidly turning into a crafting cat lady … without the cats).

Did that totally make up for a week of snacking and drinking greedily before bed? Not really, but I did feel better when I got up with that alarm today.  I shook the fuzzies out of my brain, before dancing along with Country Heat, and then I felt good from the start of my day, a nice feeling.

Will I get up every day this week? Probably not. I still want to take a little break from my workout routine, but I don’t want to ruin all of my progress. I’m proud of where I’ve gotten to, no way will I slip fully … says me at the beginning of the week 😉 white-male-1757625_640

I asked my accountability group if they’d mind posting two healthy choices they make a day from here to the new year. We’ll see how that goes, but it’s not a bad idea. Focus on the good decisions you make and remember that you deserve a few cookies and punch, but you also deserve a healthy body too. ❤

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