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Five Fall SHAKE Ups

An easy way to pack nutrition into your day and not lose time in the morning, is to begin your day with a smoothie or shake full of vitamins, protein and awesome flavor! Since trying Beachbody, and choosing not to drink Shakeology, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who use a lot of different shakes. Most… Continue reading Five Fall SHAKE Ups

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How I Cheat, but Still See Results

When you first look at any “diet” or “meal plan” intended to make you drop weight you might find yourself thinking one of these two things: “No way!” or maybe, “I can probably do this…” …Right? Then time goes on … you stick to the plan a day … maybe two, but as the days… Continue reading How I Cheat, but Still See Results

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Avoiding Boredom in Your Exercise Routine

Ever since I joined Beachbody, I’m never surprised to meet someone else who is either using Shakeology with one of the programs, coaching, or going to a live class started by a super fit mom Sara Roche (Beachbody Mom Worth Listening To). During work this summer I met a girl who coaches and is simultaneously… Continue reading Avoiding Boredom in Your Exercise Routine

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Feeling Motivated?

So it’s been a bit since I’ve posted anything workout or Beachbody related and I think that’s because recent events have taken a precedent in my life, leaving healthy eating to the side. But I’m ready to feel my best again and get my family feeling healthier too! Family and self are all the motivation… Continue reading Feeling Motivated?

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Fixate On This Chicken Salad

I recently had a conversation with another mom who’s used the Fix to lose weight after having a baby (30 lbs!) She had never eaten in a healthy way before, she’d struggled with her weight, and then when she finally decided to change the way she was living, she could never go back. She told… Continue reading Fixate On This Chicken Salad

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Healthy (Easy Peasy) Meals to Try!

I love Pinterest! One of the things I’ve loved lately about Pinterest is finding so many 21 Day fix recipes and whether you are doing the fix or not, it’s a great idea to eat in a healthy way. It’s never easier to do than in the summer (fresh produce on the corner ❤ )… Continue reading Healthy (Easy Peasy) Meals to Try!