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Crafting- An Addiction?

So when are rooms in your house littered with craft supplies, too many rooms filled with craft supplies? If you asked Justin, he’d tell you that right now there are too many rooms littered with crafts. I tried to prove he was wrong. “No, it’s just the basement and the guest room. I cleaned up… Continue reading Crafting- An Addiction?

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Don’t be a Cinderella Mom

One of Lydia’s favorite movies to watch is Disney’s new Cinderella. You know, the one with beautiful Rose, from Downton and handsome Rob Stark, from Game of Thrones. With such a cast, and because it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh, I didn’t really mind watching either. However, now the story has gotten into my head in a… Continue reading Don’t be a Cinderella Mom

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My Craft Show First and 6 Tips!

I recently shared a post with you, about finding your joy, and since then I’ve been putting my hands and mind to work creating things that make me happy. I hope they’ll make others happy too! Then I had the great idea … eh … to ask about joining in at a vendor show in… Continue reading My Craft Show First and 6 Tips!

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Take Joy in Your Creativity

I recently caught the end of the movie, Joy, on HBO … twice … two times, I saw the last hour… Finally I had some”Lydia is napping” time on my hands, so I decided that I needed to see it from the beginning, and currently it’s playing on demand through HBO. Usually movies make me… Continue reading Take Joy in Your Creativity

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Five Fall SHAKE Ups

An easy way to pack nutrition into your day and not lose time in the morning, is to begin your day with a smoothie or shake full of vitamins, protein and awesome flavor! Since trying Beachbody, and choosing not to drink Shakeology, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who use a lot of different shakes. Most… Continue reading Five Fall SHAKE Ups

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Pinterest Challenge: Fall Crafts and Decor

I haven’t posted a Pinterest Challenge in a while, but lately I’ve been feeling crafty and my Halloween 2016 board has been growing exponentially. Therefore, the only way to assure myself that I’ll get a few done, is to challenge myself. (Maybe even set a due date …)

Crafting can be relaxing and there’s no better time do it than in the fall, based on several factors. 1. It’s getting cold out, so I’ll be spending less time outdoors. 2. Justin is hunting for venison, so I’ll have more down-time to myself (if Lydia’s asleep). 3. It’s just cozy thinking about doing something crafty this time of the year. And finally, 4. There are craft festivals all over to attend, just waiting to inspire you. (Letchworth Arts and Crafts Festival has been going on forever, I till remember going as a kid!)

Learn how to make this easy rag wreath using strips of fabric.: This weekend, I’ll be getting together with a few friends to make cloth knot wreaths. 20161004_063321Previously I’ve made a flag wreath and this time I’m going to make one for the fall. However, in order to have the wreath serve double duty, I’m also using one bow for Halloween season, and then I’ll switch it out with a Thanksgiving decoration in November. Crafting with friends is good for your soul. I’ll have to make sure to get a warm wine to go along with our crafting! (Any suggestions??)

I’ve also started another craft (started is a very scary word to my husband). I’m making another dual purpose snowman/pumpkin-pile decoration. I had left-over wood from my hutch make-over fiasco, so I drew the shape of a snowman on it, and then asked my dad to cut it out for me. (He even took the time to give it a base white spray paint for me 😉 )Dude, so clever. Love decorations that can easily transition from one season to the next!:

With so many fun craft and maybe even DIY gift ideas out there, don’t forget to take advantage of the mood you’re falling into this fall. Pick a pin, pin that pin, and then set a date by which you plan to have it accomplished. You’ll probably enjoy that craft all the Harvest season ❤

What crafts or fall recipes have you pinned lately? I think cooking/baking can be just as creative endeavors as cutting and painting. 

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How I Cheat, but Still See Results

When you first look at any “diet” or “meal plan” intended to make you drop weight you might find yourself thinking one of these two things: “No way!” or maybe, “I can probably do this…” …Right? Then time goes on … you stick to the plan a day … maybe two, but as the days… Continue reading How I Cheat, but Still See Results