My 6 Tips to Being a Bad Christmas Mom

I’m going to keep this post short … seriously.

With so much “fun” going on this season, activities like baking cookies and wrapping presents, which should be fun, sometimes end up feeling like one more thing to do. So remember to keep it simple when you can. Here are my tips for this next week 😉

  1. Let your toddler frost the cookies. More than likely, the cookies will be eaten no matter what they look like, so let the little one have fun and go nuts with the sugar. You’ll have fun watching them and it will taste the same.
  2. Drink wine while you wrap. I only plan to wrap presents after Lydia has gone to bed and it will certainly involve a glass of wine … and maybe one of those heavily frosted and sprinkled cookies.
  3. Make meals ahead that can go in the oven … or the heck with it, order out. (Chinese this week for us, at least one night).
  4. Paper Plates. Paper napkins. Plastic cups. (Sorry environment, the last thing I want to do after baking, cooking and visiting, is cleaning you up!) Not to mention, if you are visiting, then doing dishes is probably low on what you’d like to do too. Hey, maybe if it’s nice enough in the evening, have a little wrapping paper & paper plate campfire.
  5. Put on your stretchy pants! Thank god most pants come with stretch in them these days anyways. So find your favorite pair of jeggings and/or holiday sweatpants, and wear them as often and as much as you like. It’s more important to be comfy.
  6. Find some evil place to hide Elf on the Shelf until next year. …that’s all I can say for that one.

Christmas is about joy and being happy, so don’t make it stressful or uncomfortable. You’ll all be happier if you can just relax. And yes, that will mean there will be times when you will most likely need to indulge in wine or a cocktail.

Here’s the link to the etsy shop selling those mommy and bitty shirts! 

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