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To Dream … When Mommies Don’t Get to Sleep Anymore …

Being a mom (or dad) means that you will occasionally or frequently lose sleep. Tell you something you don’t know, right? I’ve only been a mom for nearly three years, but I can already imagine how I still won’t sleep well once Lydia is a teen. I’ve also always been a lucky mom (so far)… Continue reading To Dream … When Mommies Don’t Get to Sleep Anymore …


My 6 Tips to Being a Bad Christmas Mom

I’m going to keep this post short … seriously. With so much “fun” going on this season, activities like baking cookies and wrapping presents, which should be fun, sometimes end up feeling like one more thing to do. So remember to keep it simple when you can. Here are my tips for this next week… Continue reading My 6 Tips to Being a Bad Christmas Mom


Christmas Cheer: Giving my Workouts the Blues

So a few weeks ago I noticed I was reaching for my wine glass a bit more than those dumbbells. Justin and I have been kicking back when Lydia goes to bed, watching Party Down on Starz (got a free month through Prime), snacking (badly) and enjoying staying cuddled-up indoors. Oh yeah, and then there’s… Continue reading Christmas Cheer: Giving my Workouts the Blues

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Make Your Own Wreath

When I made my first wreath last summer, I didn’t know where to start. I knew what I wanted to do and I’d made a lot of “pins” on Pinterest to get ideas. The next step was clearly finding out how to do it. My first wreath was simply a tie-rag wreath. It sounds simple… Continue reading Make Your Own Wreath

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Crafting- An Addiction?

So when are rooms in your house littered with craft supplies, too many rooms filled with craft supplies? If you asked Justin, he’d tell you that right now there are too many rooms littered with crafts. I tried to prove he was wrong. “No, it’s just the basement and the guest room. I cleaned up… Continue reading Crafting- An Addiction?

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Don’t be a Cinderella Mom

One of Lydia’s favorite movies to watch is Disney’s new Cinderella. You know, the one with beautiful Rose, from Downton and handsome Rob Stark, from Game of Thrones. With such a cast, and because it’s┬ádirected by Kenneth Branagh, I didn’t really mind watching either. However, now the story has gotten into my head in a… Continue reading Don’t be a Cinderella Mom

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My Craft Show First and 6 Tips!

I recently shared a post with you, about finding your joy, and since then I’ve been putting my hands and mind to work creating things that make me happy. I hope they’ll make others happy too! Then I had the great idea … eh … to ask about joining in at a vendor show in… Continue reading My Craft Show First and 6 Tips!