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To Dream … When Mommies Don’t Get to Sleep Anymore …

Being a mom (or dad) means that you will occasionally or frequently lose sleep. Tell you something you don’t know, right? I’ve only been a mom for nearly three years, but I can already imagine how I still won’t sleep well once Lydia is a teen. I’ve also always been a lucky mom (so far) because Lydia is an excellent sleeper. (Yup, I bragged about it.)

However, as I mentioned, I’m soon to be the mommy of a three year old, which got Justin and I to talking about moving Lydia into a toddler bed. (Yikes!) We hadn’t made that transition yet, because 1. She’s never tried to get out of her crib, so no worries of safety, and 2. She is an excellent sleeper, why mess with a good thing?

So this past weekend we did it. Justin transitioned her crib into a daybed. Sunday night I fought over and over again to keep Lydia in her bed and her door closed. At first she enjoyed her little game of getting out of bed and opening the door as she squealed down her little hallway. Then I held the door and told her she had to stay in bed (I felt like such a meany!) An hour of tears and frustration later (I only cried a little 😉 ) and finally my little girl was sleeping soundly in her bed. I felt guilty that she went to bed feeling perhaps stressed or frustrated. I always want her to feel happy and loved. So it was a tough feeling for me to play the tough mommy Sunday night.

She slept all night, and the next morning when she called me, I told her she could get up and come into mommy and daddy’s bed. All was well, peaches and cream … until the dreaded nap!

Needless to say, nappy time was not a success, but we got some outdoor time in and she did go right to sleep last night. (My fingers are so double crossed for tonight!)

Every new stage or step that our little ones take seem like struggles and then great joys. I know it all goes by quickly and I want to soak up every lucky minute we have (I miss her so much today!), but I honestly can’t wait until she will go right to sleep in her bed. Waking up to a “thud” last night, because she’d rolled off the bed (despite the safety rail) left me feeling horrible. Lydia on the other hand, didn’t even wake up! …I wish I slept like that.

Today, her good daddy looked at some toddler beds with better safety rails, and I can’t wait to see her pick out which one she likes. My little Lydia is growing up. (Next time I might write about getting her to lose her paci, but let’s leave that one off for a while.)

Happy Mommying to you all!


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